Requirements for Shipping Human Remains

The Government of Ethiopia depends upon Ethiopian Airlines to set the regulations for the transport of human remains. Ethiopian Airlines requires the following documentation to fly human remains to Ethiopia. . 

1. Original and a Copy of Death Certificate. 
2. Original and a Copy of letter from the funeral home showing:-

  • Embalming or preserving the (dead) body by standard U.S. methods 
  • Use of a hermetically sealed casket 
3. Original and a Copy of Non-contagious disease letters issued by the local health authority and/or Department of Health 
4. Original and a copy of Burial Permit
5. A copy of the deceased passport 
If all of the requirements listed above are met, the Embassy will issue the permit for the shipment of the body within 30 minute
If you are mailing your documents to the Embassy, please include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient pre-paid return postage. 
Note that there is no fee associated with this service. 

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